Are Your Ready to Breakthrough Everything in your Life?

The Master Practitioner is going to be fantastic. You already know that. It’s an amazing levelling up on the NLP Practitioner Certification Level. This training is incredibly exciting because you get to go deep and really explore those areas that have been unconsciously holding you back.

Not only do you get to deep dive into the amazing world of NLP for 14 days (plus your free Bonus Day on a new Paradigm on Health and Healing ), you also get to draw a line in the sand of the old behaviours and step into a whole new realm of language and communication.

The Specific Magic of Master Practitioner is that we teach and install the thinking you need to develop the Leadership Mindset – I call it Functional Flow.

We use the tools and techniques of Quantum Linguistics and Conversational Change to install these strategies during our conversations together. You will actually feel your brain creaking and starting to reorganise itself during these modules. It’s totally awesome and an amazing experience.

Now, you know the NLP Practitioner Certification was already mind blowing. After the Master Practitioner you will look back on the NLP Practitioner level training as just ordinary in contrast to how much your mindset will evolve and grow over these 14 days.

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You are considering the Master Practitioner. Right?

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If you are considering it,  I’ll like to add your name to the priority list so I can prepare your Home Study Program. Once you are Ready to being now, we can have your MP3 Audio and Manuals shipped in the next 10 days. We just need a deposit to secure place. I’ll give you a call and we can  organise the rest of the balance payments in a way that suits you.

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What will I learn on the NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training

  • Functional Flow and Leadership Mindset
  • Quantum Linguistics – the art and science of conversational change
  • Using the language of time.
  • Conversational belief change.
  • Sleight of Mouth patterns.
  • Meta-model III – directionalised questioning.
  • Time release suggestions.
  • Prime Concerns – linguistic life change.
  • Personal Values and Metaprogrammes
    • Values elicitation.
    • Identifying and healing Values conflicts.
    • Values levels and personal evolution.
    • Changing Values.
    • Eliciting Meta-Programmes.
    • Using Values and Meta-Programmes in sales, recruitment, and management.
    • Using the 12-minute Meta-Programmes and Values Inventory.
  • Advanced Submodalities
    • Using neurological drivers to create change.
    • Creating designer SWISH patterns.
  • Advanced Strategies
    • Using the Logical Levels of Therapy process for conversational strategy change.
    • Eliciting and utilising strategies in business, relationships, and therapy.
    • Strategy installation and change.
  • Modeling
    • How to model excellence in others and then install the model in yourself.
    • How to create a training programme to install models of excellence.
  • NLP and Quantum Physics
    • Simple introduction to quantum physics and personal change.
    • The Holographic Universe and healing.
    • The physics of personal empowerment.
  • NLP Presentation Skills and Training Design
    • Building group rapport.
    • Professional Speakers Training.
  • Time Line Therapy Master Certification Training
    • Memory Regression Therapy using Time Line
    • The All Powerful Drop Down Through Technique
    • Pain Paradigm for Chronic Pain
    • German New Medicine Model of Health and Healing
    • And Lots, Lots More
  • How to do a Breakthrough Session to Change someone’s life
    • How to deliver personal breakthrough sessions for therapy and business.
    • Experience giving and receiving a five-hour breakthrough session during the training.
  • Master Hypnotist Training
    • Hypnotic Phenomena using Elman Induction for
    • Hypnotic Phenomena using Estabrook Inductions
    • Hypnotic Phenomena using Rapid Inductions
    • Ideomotor Signals and Analog Signals
    • Secrets of The Hypnotic Stage Show
    • Accessing The Estaile State and beyond

Why become Certified as a Master Practitioner

The Master Practitioner Certification training builds on the skills and abilities you have learnt as a Certified NLP Practitioner and teaches you advanced skills that can be used in both a formal intervention setting and in an informal business setting. Skills such as conversation change techniques, advanced re-framing techniques and how to model and install other people’s strategies for success.

What if I don’t know everything?

By the end of the training, you will know everything you need to know to being breakthrough coaching, and even if you don’t think so yet, We will be there to support you afterwards, and to assist you in getting out there, and working with people and doing Breakthrough Sessions. Do you think that would be of value to you or not?

If you haven’t already booked on the Master Practitioner Training, make a good decision and give us a call at the office to secure your seat

You will thank me.

If you are IN, Say YES!

Yes! I’m In